We Have The Guts , We Have The Looks

And You Don't Know What It Takes

To Be One Of Us :))


Mean Girl Hotties via Rude Boy Hotties

The Hottest Group In Town .

The Sugar , Spice And Everything HOT Come Together .

We're Here To Inspire And Not To Be Hated .

So Bitches and Haters , Kindly Back It Off !

Our Group Became Official Last

July . 8 . 2o1o

Originated From Chatter Of Sun Division .

The Idea Came From The Popular

Ampalaya Anonymous

Of The Show Business .

We Are Gathered To Show Off What We Got

MGH And RBH Is Founded For Us To Have Fun .

So Just Bond It Girls And Boys .

Hating Us Won't You Prettier :))

We Don't Go For Dramas .

We Know How To Roll Things Out .

So If You Got Stunned By Us .

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